Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Rollers 12th Feb 2015

Please bring cycling jackets and arm warmers as our skills session will include putting these on while riding rollers.

Roller Competition Times 5th feb 2015

Roller Times 05/02/2015
Name 250 500 1000 Total
Milo 29.8 1.11 2.38.9 4.38.6
Rosa 20.3 45.4 1.31.9 2.37.6
Jamie 18.5 42.2 1.41.2 2.41.6
George 19.6 44.9 1.43.2 2.47.7
Freya 22.1 59.7 2.23.8 3.45.6
Amber 17.3 40.1 1.33.3 2.30.7
Lily  16.8 38.1 1.24.1 2.19.0
Anna 14.5 33.9 1.23.3 2.11.7
Matt  10.5 21.3 57.69 1.29.49
Paul Page 14 26.1 1.05.5 1.45.6
George S 16 35.4 1.18.0 2.09.4
Joe 12.5 26.1    
Paul 13 26.1    
Euan 11.76 24.06 55.97 1.31.79
Will 12.3 24.85 54.93 1.32.08
George 12.01 24.11 53.18 1.29.3
Luke 15.3 31.4    
Natahan 16 33.1 1.16 2.05.1
Conor 10 19.3    

Thanks to Jo Greenhalgh for typing them up.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

EBCC 2014 Prize Presentation evening

East Bradford Cycling Club prize presentation 2014

1st Fastest Club "25" April- with a time of 59m 17s - Edward Rosser

3rd Fastest Club "25" April - in 1hr 7m 12s...
1st Fastest and 3rd Handicap Championship "25" in October in 1hr 4m 33s - Tim Palliser

1st Fastest Club "10" April - with a time of 25m 4s - Will King

2nd Fastest Club "10" April - with a time of 25m 43s - George Fox

3rd Fastest Club "10" April - with a time of 30m 7s - James Coates

1st Lady Club "10" April - with a time of 32m 32s - Helen Simpson

4th Handicap Championship "25" October 58m 40s nett - Ali Mahdi

5th Handicap Championship "25" October 1hr 00 6s nett - Kevin O'Connell

1st Juvenile Club "15" October - with a time of 58m 48s
1st Juvenile Club Hill Climb October - 2m 57s
Most improved Juvenile road rider - 2014 - Paul Asquith

2nd Handicap Club "25" April 55m 30s nett
3rd Fastest and 2nd Handicap Championship "25" October 1hr 7m 5s - Bob Jackson

Young achiever award - Seth Metcalfe

Senior MTB winner for 2014 - Chris Parker

Junior MTB winner for 2014 - Jack Ackroyd

Most improved Juvenile girl rider for 2014 - Freya Brealey

Youth Road Race Championship for 2014 & Youth allrounder Champion for 2014 - Euan Cameron

Most Improved Skills rider for 2014 - Ryan Thomas


1st Handicap Championship "25" September with a nett time of 52m 40s

1st Juvenile B.A.R. at 21.787 mph - Luke O'Connell

1st Juvenile Girl Club "15" September with a time of 54m 28s
2nd juvenile B.A.R. at 17.415 mph - Lily Greenhalgh

1st Handicap Club "25" April with a time of 54m 00s nett
2nd Club Hill Climb - October with a time of 2m 7s
2nd Vets B.A.R. with a plus of 1.115 mph
1st Mens B.A.R at 23.832 mph Matthew Asquith

2nd Fastest Club "25" April with a time of 1h 2m 43s
2nd Championship "25" September with a time of 1h 5m 53s
1st Club Hill Climb - October with a time of 2m 2s
1st Junior B.A.R. at 26.096 mph Conor Palliser

2nd Ladies B.A.R. at 18.153 mph Brenda Littlefair

Breaking Ladies Club Records at 10 - 15 - 50 and 100 miles
10 miles in 22m 42s
15 miles in 34m 52s
50 miles in 2h 5m 37s
50 miles again in 2h 3m 7s
and 100 miles in 4h 23m 5s
1st in the Vets B.A.R. with a plus of 5.20 mph
1st Ladies B.A.R. at 25.901 mph
1st in the Club B.A.R. at 24.211 mph

Friday, 30 January 2015

Snow stops play again!

Really sorry but we'll have to cancel again this week as there is still lots of snow on the pitches and track. Hopefully we'll be back on next week.

British Schools Cycling Association Yorkshire Roller event 29th March 2015

Here is the entry form for this event to be held at Richard Dunn Sports Centre.

This is a great event for young riders to race on indoor rollers. With the bike supported on a box for Under 7,9 and 11 year olds ( all primary school pupils) anyone one under 11 on the 1st September 2014 can have a go without any prior training on rollers. Older children are not supported for the Under 13/15 and Over 15's categories so it is advisable that they practice riding on free rollers before they race.

Please note there are gear restrictions applying.  A gear restriction means that children in a certain age group have a maximum gear they can use on their bike to make it fair. This is measured by a single full crank revolution. Ask any of the coaches for advice on how to restrict gears (Simply altering the movement of the gears by use of a screwdriver) Please ensure you have checked and restricted the gears if required before attending the competition. We can help you do this at club.

Age Groups and gear restrictions for BSCA events.

2014-2015 BSCA Yorkshire Entry Froms

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


The AGM is cancelled tonight as several members are snowed in and more snow is forecast.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

More Yorkshire BSCA dates for your diary!

BSCA Yorkshire Championship Dates

Cyclo-Cross 8th February 2015 Spen Valley High School near Huddersfield
Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Entry Form

Rollers 29th March 2015 Richard Dunn Sports Centre, Bradford
Yorkshire Rollers Entry Form

Mountainbike 9th May Penistone Hill Country Park near Howarth TBC

Circuit Race 16th May 2015 Richard Dunn 
Yorkshire Circuit Race Entry Form

Time Trial Under 15/Over 15 TT Provisional 9th June

Time Trial Under 7/9/11/13 TT TBA

Grass track Regional and National 1st August 2015 at Roundhay Park, Leeds
BSCA National and Regional Grass Track Entry Form

Hill Climb - date and venue being sorted, details later
Hard Track - looking into venue.

BSCA Yorkshire Rep Mandy Parker

Contact Mandy Parker, Yorkshire Regional rep on for more information.

National Dates

National Cyclo-cross Champs

Saturday 7th March 2015
Venue:   Abbey Stadium Redditch Worcestershire
First Race 11.15 sign on closes 11am
Closing date; Saturday 21st February 2015      open to: U7 / U9 / U11 / U13 / U15 / O15
Organiser : Paul Berry
63 Kingham Close, REDDITCH   B98 0SB
01527 853 500 – DAYTIME
07968 040 925

Email:          for entry details

Forthcoming events to get in your diary:

National Circuit Champs 7th June Darley Moor
National Hill Climb 20th June Petersfield
National Hard Track 21st June TBA possible Brighton
National Grass Track prov date 1st August leeds

Will provide more updates as they come in.

Results for BSCA Yorkshire 2014-2015 available here

Full results for BSCA Yorkshire: 2013-2014 available here

The Best All Rounder for 2013-2014 will be published shortly.

Please note that BSCA operates gear restictions on all children's bikes which are detailed below. This is to ensure a level playing field across age categories and to avoid overuse damage to children as they grow. Info on how to restrict gears is available on the internet or askone of the coaches.

BSCA Age categories and Gear Restrictions for 2013/2014
For Circuit, Time Trial, Track and Roller Racing Regional and National Championships, the maximum gear will be the distance covered per crank revolution for that age group.
Generally the following age categories apply but it is the child’s age on the 1st September at the start of the school year e.g. If a child was 11 on the 1st September 2014, they will be Under 13.
School Years
Age Group
Max Gear
U7 Born on or after 01/09/2007
U7 Born on or after 01/09/2007
U9 Born 01/9/2005 – 31/8/2007
U9 Born 01/9/2005 – 31/8/2007
U11 Born 01/09/2003-31/08/2005
U11 Born 01/09/2003-31/08/2005
U13 Born 01/09/2001-31/08/2003
U13 Born 01/09/2001-31/08/2003
U15 Born 01/09/1999-31/08/2001
U15  Born 01/09/1999-31/08/2001
O15  Born 01/09/1995-31/08/1999

Riders born before 1st September 1994 are not eligible.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Wanted Club welfare officer/s

Hi all,

We currently have one Club welfare officer (Neil Arnold) we would like to add to this with one or two more (to share responsibilities). If you are interested in this role take a look at the link below for a little more information. There will also be a work shop at the Go-ride conferences our nearest one will be at The National Cycle Centre on Sunday 1st March. Please get in touch with me if you would like to take on this role.

Young Volunteers

Hi all,
Is your child aged 14 - 18? Would they be interested in been a Young Volunteer. British Cycling run a Young Volunteer scheme and there will be workshops throughout February & March. The nearest one to us is at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester on Sunday 1st March. If your child is interested in taking part in this scheme please see the link below. They will need to download the invitation and follow the instructions. Please also let me know if your child is ...going to take part in this scheme. It's a good starting point in volunteering and learning the importance of volunteers within our own club and the wider community.
There is also a workshop for existing Young Volunteers. If your child is an existing volunteer and they are going to attended one of the conferences, they will also need to download the invitation and follow the instructions.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Club cancelled 24th January

Hi all, 

Matt has been to check pitches & track and unfortunately they are still covered in snow so we will not be able to run tomorrow 24th.

Next Friday evening is our prize presentation buffet & disco. Tickets are priced at £8 per adult, £7 per child or £32 for a family ticket. You can buy tickets from Brenda Littlefair please call her on 01274 499182 to arrange payment. If you can't get over to Brenda you can pay me (07431251237 if I don't answer please send a text and I'll get back to you. I'm in LS28. Numbers are needed for Wednesday at the latest. It's a lovely evening for all. 

Thanks Amelia

Saturday, 10 January 2015

BSCA Regiional Cyclocross

KCA are running this event.  If you have ordered a BSCA car please pick up from KSBC and if you have not already renewed your subs please do so.

This year the event will be held on 8th February 2015 again at Spen Valley High School. I have attached an entry form for all those interested in entering the event. Entries will be accepted on the day but if you are pre entering then please do so before the 25th January as it makes the administration a lot easier.


                                              Event Title:
    BSCA Yorkshire Region Cyclo-Cross Championship 2014/2015
Sunday 8th February 2015
Spen Valley High School
Robertown Lane, Liversedge, WF15 7LX
10 am – 4pm
                                                   Closing Date:
Postal entries by 25th January 2015 -entries also accepted on the day
                                             Promoters Name:
Kirklees Cycling Academy
Event Secretary:
Emily Tidmarsh
58 Woodedge Avenue
Telephone Number:
01484 302846
                                                      Entry Fees:
£5  for all categories plus Day Licence £1.50 for non-members
 Cheques Payable to: 
     Kirklees Cycling Academy

Children competing in National and Regional events must compete by their own efforts.





School / Club Colours:

I hereby Declare that the particulars submitted on this entry form are complete and correct. I agree to abide the rules of the BRITISH SCHOOLS CYCLING ASSOCIATION and to accept the decisions of their Officials in all matters concerning this event.

   Signed:                                                                                                       Entry Fee enclosed:

I being the Parent / Legal Guardian of the entrant named on this form, hereby agree to his/her participation in the competition under the terms and conditions stipulated.
       Signed:                                              Date:

BSCA  records are being updated onto Computer.

Members not wishing their details to be stored on Computer should contact the General Secretary.